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Al Azeema Aluminum started its activity in 1988 under the license name “Meshaan Aluminium”, during which time, Sykon Design Aluminium system from Germany was introduced to the market controlled and supervised by specialized German Technical Team. As an economical alternative, Syncro Design Aluminium system from Italy as extruded by Balexco of Bahrain, is offered to cater to the market`s growing demand. Quality is an integral part of Company`s strategy lying at the top of its working priorities. Quality assurance program is implemented by conducting inspection at predetermined manufacturing stages and full inspection on site installation. Our product range is widespread offering the best quality, design and performance.

  • Doors and windows (with thermal Break and without thermal break)
  • Roller Shutters and Flyscreens
  • Curtain Walls
  • Skylights
  • Handrails



Sykon system is fully engineered to ensure absolute compliance with the most rigorous DIN standards. Having brilliantly succeeded major teats for air, water and wind permeability according to standards as well as high ranking thermal insulation coefficients, Sykon section is the best option in terms of quality performance and energy saving. Thanks to the application of special technologies and an accurate design selection, Sykon systems are able to combine a perfect marriage between technique and aesthetic.
Sykon system is further engineered to be dustproof with maximum sound reduction capability (depending on the type of glazing), and to have multiple openings, complete with accessories manufacture only in Germany.

This system provides a superior quality of profiles with or without thermal breaks for added insulation where specification demand.

Skon Aluminium system is a fully integrated package with all Aluminium profiles, gaskets, fittings, fixing mechanism and hardware being specified and designated. The high quality level of Sykon Systems and the certified performance can be achieved only by the application of original elements all together.


Thermal Break system is realized by connecting two Aluminium profiles with the insertion of insulated polyamide (PA) strips. By mechanical rolling, the two knurled aluminum profiles are wedged to the insulated PA strips guaranteeing the maximum strength and an excellent structural stability.

The insulated PA material divides the internal frame from the external part avoiding any heat dispersion with occurs due to Aluminium conductibility. Thanks to this particular application both thermal and acoustic insulation is improved and above all, the phenomenon of condensation is highly reduced.
Sykon system in Series 45 (without thermal break), Series 54 and Series 110 (with thermal break) offers a wide choice based on performance and designs as mentioned below:

  • For Windows:
  • Lift and Sliding
  • Lift, Tilt and Sliding
  • Tilt and Sliding
  • Tilt and Turn
  • Bottom Hung Windows
  • Pivoted Windows

For windows and doors:

  • Sliding
  • Side Hung

For Doors:

  • Folding Doors

Sykon Curtain wall system has a wide range of Aluminium profiles to meet the required inertia (Ix) for a particular building design in compliance with German DIN 1055, DIN 4113. Design calculation is foremost considered in selecting the appropriate profile to withstand a given wind load and speed.

AL-AZEEMA Aluminium, being the sole agent of Sykon System in the Gulf, is strictly required to employ all specification in the manufacture of a particular system.

Balexco Syncro 45 (without thermal break) and Syncro 50 (with thermal break) is being utilized to offer a superior and aesthetically pleasing product to highly demanding customers at very reasonable cost.

Extrusions supplied by Balexco conform to the highest international standards of quality in terms of air tightness, water tightness and wind resistant.


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