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Company Background:

The company has started operation in 1985, and is specialized in all electrical & telephone installations as well as plumbing and fire-fighting works. Al Ahlia Electro-Mechanical Group has completed many projects in the public and private sectors, and run by a technical team of specialist engineers with many years of experience in the sector. The company enjoys an outstanding reputation as regards to its quality performance, and expertise.


Mechanical Services:

  • Importation and installation of water pumps, central filters, heaters, GRP tanks, sewage pumps and all plumbing and accessory parts.
  • Importation, installation and maintenance of fire fighting systems.
  • All sewerage and drainage works.


Electrical Services:

  • Importation and installation of all kinds of electrical panel boards (LT/MSB/DBN)
  • Importation and installation of Home Automation Systems.
  • Importation and installation of all light fixtures and study of lux intensity.
  • Importation and installation of all Low Voltage systems (Telephone/TV/Satellites/Networks.)
  • Importation and installation of fire alarm and sound evacuation systems.
  • Installation of earthing systems and lightning preventers.
  • Completing all As-Built drawings and testing for Ministry of Electricity and Water and finally power connection.



  • Child Care Centre, Surra.
  • Mubarak Tower, Kuwait City.
  • Nadia residential building, Arabian Gulf, Salmiya.
  • Alsafat Tower, Kuwait City.
  • Alsafat – Waterfalls Mall, Hawally.
  • Haya Almujil Kidney Dialysis Centre.
  • Specialty Eye Centre.




AEM – P.O. Box 25419 Safat 13115, Kuwait.

Tel: 24715847 – 24715926

Fax: 24715904



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